“African wildlife has never looked so regal and mysterious as in Brandt’s grave photographs. His elephants appear as weighty as the pyramids. His rhinos look more ancient than carbon. His apes know something we don’t. Given the multitude of human disasters in Africa, is it an indulgence to lose yourself in pictures that carry no hint of the wars and famines outside the frame? Not when the pictures are such powerful reminders that Africa is also a magnificent—and endangered—treasure house of animal life.”

- Time Magazine  (Time Top Five Photographic Books)

 “Nick Brandt's images of the animals of Eastern Africa take one's breath away. These powerful glimpses of another world are so intimate one might hear the rustle of brush as a cheetah makes herself known, or the breathing of a lion as he stands alert. One cannot help but connect with these animals. They each have a unique personality. But it is not mere intimacy that attracts.

 Brandt's pictures are beautifully composed, sensuous portraits. Heartbreakingly beautiful, these strong and vital creatures seem somehow fragile, ephemeral. We must ensure that its not only in images that they are preserved.”

- Black & White Magazine, USA

 “Combining splendid natural backdrops with a portraitist’s approach to animals, the images show not only the reckless beauty of Africa’s vanishing wilds but also the humanity of its creatures. The photos have an uncanny intimacy. Brandt brings a compositionally precise and painterly style to a genre dominated by action shots and documentary image making.”

- American Photo, USA (Top 10 Photographic Books)

 “The haunting images seem less like a documentary than like spirit photos of mythical beasts. Living testimony to the ghostly beauty and the fragility of nature, these magnificent creatures will convince you (if indeed you had any doubts) that animals not only have minds and hearts but also spirits and souls.”

-O: The Oprah Magazine

 “His approach is the antithesis of conventional wildlife photography and moves his work into the arena of fine art. . . . shows you how animal pictures should be taken.”

- The Daily Telegraph, UK

 “Wildlife photography has become a holiday and adventure cliche: have telephoto lens, will snap view up rhino's nostril -- so uninteresting, so blah.

 And then there's Nick Brandt. Brandt eschews the telephoto lens in favour of patience combined with a rare courage, determination and an artist's eye to photograph wildlife. The results are animals so accustomed to Brandt's presence and so untroubled by him that his pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and touching in their honesty and emotion....He clearly has an affinity with these glorious creatures that's heart-stopping. “

- Sunday Telegraph, Australia

 “Nick's exquisite photographs arouse deep emotions. They inspire a sense of awe at the beauty of creation and the sacredness of life. It's almost impossible to look through his work without sensing the personalities of the beings whom he has photographed.”

- Jane Goodall, Primatologist and Conservationist

 "Nick Brandt's photographs are both epic and iconic. It's a vision of Africa that we have not seen before.”

- Mary Ellen Mark, Photographer

 “Nick Brandt's photography is beautiful and elegaic in a classic way, and also ‘strange’ in the best sense; those who know East Africa must grieve to think that our own species could be so greedy and unwise as to let such magnificent creatures disappear.”

- Peter Matthiessen, Author of “At Play in the Fields of the Lord”

 “The photographs of Nick Brandt are both beautiful and haunting. They come upon you in a flush of abundance that is almost impossible to recover from.... You are about to enter a world of the imagination where all the animals are real, both fragile and full of grace.”

- Alice Sebold, Author of “The Lovely Bones”